David Caro F. Classical Guitar offered for sale
(too old to reply)
2004-04-16 17:39:44 UTC
After over 30 years of travelling and playing music, Parkinson's disease has
brought my guitar playing to a halt. As a result, I am offering for sale a
very fine example of the work of David Caro F. One of Paracho, Mexico's most
highly respected luthiers, Mr. Caro built this guitar sometime between 1958
and 1960, as verified by Joe R. Diaz of Award Guitars in Feb of 2003 from the
model number and serial number on the internal label.

The guitar seems to be made of cedar. It is one of the lightest instruments
I've ever held. It has a pleasing and surprisingly authoritative tone. It plays
very comfortably with accurate harmonics and no neck warp or separation. All
machines are functional and smoothe in tuning and hold well. There is a normal
amount of wear given the age of the guitar and the fact that it was used as a
musician's working guitar for a long time. It has been very well maintained and
shows only a small hairline checking of top grain with no separation. Some of
the rosette inlay is loose and a few rosette inlay squares are missing. It remains
in its original black hardshell case, though the handle has been missing
for many years. The original owner, my partner for 14 years on stage, replaced the
handle with a heavy wire which can be easily removed if desired. The black
glued-fabric covering on the case is torn and coming off in places, but the case
remains secure if not too pretty. The red plush inner lining is faded but
the case is still useful. My partner died about 20 years ago and the instrument
came to me. I have played it in performances around the US and in Europe since

Mr. Caro's guitars sell for $3000 and up when purchased at his shop in Paracho.
This is an opportunity to acquire a very fine, very playable performer's instrument
that is also uniquely collectable and a beautiful display piece of museum uality.

Photographs are available to anyone who is seriously considering purchase.
collectable. email ***@alltel.net or ***@acxiom.com for photographs
or phone number if you wish to discuss purchase.

Michael Acklin
2020-03-29 18:06:53 UTC
Dear Sir,

Best of luck to you.

Is this guitar still available and, if so, your asking price.